Hi, my name's Matt Slavin. I'm a predominantly frontend, fullstack developer. I love to dabble in web and mobile development. I also have a background in design.

I have a Masters in Software Engineering and alongside that have worked on the agency side, I've worked with a broad range of clients - including Marks and Spencer, Saks, Ann Taylor, Ram Trucks, HSBC, Comerica Bank, Liberty Insurance, P&G, Alfa Romeo... the list goes on.

Also using a broad range of technologies - although mainly focusing on React, React Native and NextJS, I'm always excited to learn and dive into new things.

On the personal side, I live just outside of Boston, and I'm married with two beautiful little boys, who take up most of my time. I've also always loved music production and dj'ing, and I'm fighting to get back to that at some point soon if I can carve out a few minutes here and there!