Weekly Tech Links 23 / 3 / 13

This weeks round up of weekly techlinks:

3D Printing and Product Development

3-D printing is revolutionizing product development Pretty cool to see how this technology is growing.

Raspberry Pi Bike Projector

I’d love to use it to build a prototype with the Arduino board. Here are a bunch of diagrams to stop you blowing stuff up. And a tutorial via Lifehacker on getting started with Arduino

Animated Gifs

Google has announced that it is allowing searches for animated gifs. We love animated gifs, here are a couple of classics have been doing the rounds this week:

...and Finally

Raspberry Pi and a fantastic little device - a projector for your bike, that connects up to a Raspberry Pi, and can do all sorts of stuff - from indicating your speed - to giving you on the road GPS.

Hats off to Matt Richardson

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