Traktor 2 Max CPU Tips

I’m having real difficulty in setting up Traktor 2 and getting it running without maxing out the CPU. It is constantly on red - even on startup. Without any tunes playing. I can load a track to the deck, and even play it without any noticeable cracks or pops - but I can’t use it to any great extent.

I’ve done as much as I can do to optimise the machine, and have provided a number of starting links below that may help if you’re in the same boat - however, I think I may have to grin and bear it for the time being, until there’s a fix, or go out and get a new machine.

Ironically - I’ve been waiting since I bought the first version of Traktor about 3-4 years ago for it to work properly, and with a release last week, it now works pretty much flawlessly. Previous to the update - I’m astounded that anyone can actually use it reliably in a production environment. I couldn’t think of anything worse than that going down in a club set. There are still a few cracks and popswith Traktor 1 - but I may just have to play around with the settings / do the stuff below to get it working reliably.

Anyway, I am currently running - 
Windows 7
Traktor Audio 8 Soundcard
Two Technics 1200
X1 Controller.

I’ve found these resources to be the most reliable:

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